10 Genius Fourth Wall Breaks In 2016 Video Games

9. Overwatch - Blizzard Exists In The Same Universe As Its Own Game

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One of the standout and headlining characters of Overwatch is D.Va.

Despite being a petite, 19-year-old Korean teenager, D.Va wades into battle inside her enormous pink Mech, earning her Tank class. One of her most iconic abilities is that, as a pilot, she is able to hop out at opportune moments and remotely detonate her precious Mech amongst her unsuspecting foes.

Yet, despite the lavish Mech and unique manoeuvres, it is D.Va's backstory that puts her on this list. See, before piloting Mechs, D.Va was a professional gamer on StarCraft, another Blizzard developed game.

In fact, Blizzard's logo is on the pink Mech she pilots as one of the sponsors.

This isn't the only time other Blizzard games and the company are referenced in the game. If you examine the PC screens on the Hollywood map, you can find a screenshot of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, another Blizzard game.


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