10 Genius Fourth Wall Breaks In 2016 Video Games

8. Gears Of War 4 - "And, We're Back"

It's been 5 years since Gears of War 3 graced the our screens, and 25 in-game years since Marcus and his Gears helped wipe out the Locust threat and saved humanity.

However, with the destruction of Imulsion came the need for a new way of life on Sera. The COG has become totalitarian under its new leader, and J.D., son of veteran Marcus, has abandoned the COG to assist the 'Outsiders' that exist beyond the city limits. Things go from bad to worse when, after be falsely accused of kidnapping, the new and improved Locusts 2.0, aka the Swarm, shows up with more teeth than bullets... and there are a lot of bullets!

In a nod to the time gap set between Gears 3 and Gears 4, as well as the return of one of Microsoft's most successful game series, the start screen focuses on a dark broadcast station. When the player clicks 'New Game', the camera slowly pans forward towards one of the small television screens which flickers into life. A news anchor appears on screen, and the first words uttered after the 5-year gap are for the players directly.

"And, we're back..."


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