10 Genius Shortcuts To Beat Video Games Early

10. Leave Batman To Die - Batman: Arkham City (Catwoman DLC)

Batman Arkham City Catwoman

Batman: Arkham City offers the player the hilarious opportunity to complete screw over Gotham City while playing through the game's terrific Catwoman DLC.

At the end of Episode 3, Catwoman learns that Batman has become trapped under rubble courtesy of Hugo Strange, and the player is given the choice of either rescuing him or...just taking your precious jewels and getting the hell out of dodge.

Selena Kyle tries to tempt the player by insisting, "It's not like he'll die. He's Batman, right?" And if you decide to walk away with your riches, Catwoman will say "Screw him" before the game's end credits roll.

During the credits, a radio transmission from Barbara Gordon will reveal that both Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead, The Joker is on the loose and causing mayhem, and Wayne Manor has been destroyed.

In fairness, the game does give players a post-credits rewind so they can make the "right" decision if they so wish, but if you're happy with the choice you made the first time, you've officially reached the end credits and can move onto something else.

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