10 Genius Shortcuts To Beat Video Games Early

The smartest (and laziest) way to play.

Far Cry 5

Gaming sure can be a time-consuming hobby, and to make matters worse, games are too often guilty of padding the experience out with bloated busy-work in an attempt to maintain "player engagement" for as long as possible.

But every so often, a game will allow enterprising players to hit the credits screen early by taking a less-traveled path to the finish line.

By literally disobeying the game's main objective, ditching the heroism and doing what anyone actually would in real life, many games have built in shortcut endings for time-constrained players.

Occasionally games will go further than merely serving up a jokey Easter egg ending, though, and literally allow players to cut through the middle of the game to reach the end hours before they're supposed to.

Granted, in each of these examples you're missing out on a major part of the core experience - and most of these games are pretty damn great, no less - but if you want to tick these games off in as little as mere minutes, this is how you can technically do it.

But seriously, play them properly too, because they're well worth it...

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Far Cry 5
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