10 GENIUS Video Game Features No One Saw Coming

These games are full of surprises.

FINAL FANTASY 10 blitzball
Square Enix

What’s the difference between evolution and revolution in gaming terms?

It’s a question that often arises, especially where sequels are concerned. If a new IP performs well with players and critics, a followup is likely to come… and so is that age-old issue.

Whether a game is a sequel or simply a new addition to a popular genre, it’s important not to just retread old ground. Creativity is key, as are unique selling points, and they drive home the fact that a game can offer something new for your money.

As a new generation of consoles revs up, it’s more apparent than ever that graphical grunt and stunning looks alone aren’t going to cut it.

Many of the most beloved titles of all time aren’t simply known as super solid examples of their genre, but for including fantastic and often surprising features that were incredibly fun to experiment with.

Many new PlayStation 5 owners gleefully dove into Spider-Man: Miles Morales on launch, some with no idea that the majestic sight of Spider-Cat awaited them. Let’s take a look at the feline that launched 1000 memes, alongside some other unexpected-yet-priceless features from video games.

10. Recruiting ANYONE (Even A Grandmother Spy) - Watch Dogs: Legion

FINAL FANTASY 10 blitzball

Central to the concept of Watch Dogs: Legion is the whole ‘Play As Anyone’ thing. It’s bold new ground that gaming hasn’t really explored much yet, and Ubisoft really do mean it literally.

While grizzled agents, ordinary everyday heroes and the like are present and correct in Legion, there’s really only one character true fans want to find and command: a drone-flinging elite spy granny.

This particular spawn is very tough to pin down (“A grandma who is a spy would be an incredibly rare spawn.I have never seen one, and seeing more than one in a single play-through would be one in a billion, I imagine,” the game’s Creative Director Clint Hocking has said), but the industry is a better place for her mere existence.

If anybody needed a reason to jump back on board with Watch Dogs, Helen is definitely that reason.


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