10 GENIUS Ways Video Games Fought Cheaters

9. Banning Cheaters Until They Post An Apology Video - H1Z1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Battle royale game H1Z1 encountered a serious problem with cheaters shortly after launching in early 2015, with over 25,000 players being banned in May of that year.

At the same time, developer Daybreak Game Company's president John Smedley announced an outrageous initiative to discourage cheating - promising to only restore banned accounts if the culprits posted apology videos on YouTube citing remorse for their actions.

Smedley revealed that he'd been sent many apologetic emails from affected players but felt that this wasn't good enough, requesting a more intimate, personal video lamentation instead which he could then retweet.

Smedley added that he encouraged apologising players to direct their regrets towards other players rather than the developers themselves, as he felt it was players who were truly suffering the most from their actions.

Ultimately the limited time offer came and went without many players taking Smedley up on it, which while a bit of a shame isn't even remotely surprising.


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