10 Gods We Need To See In SMITE In 2021

Which divine figures to fans want to see take up arms on the 'Battleground of the Gods'?

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Since 2013, SMITE has been one of the main multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, video games on the market, along with Dota 2 and League of Legends. Instead of featuring a cast of original characters, SMITE features a variety of Gods, Goddesses and Mythological figures from around the world.

The game currently features 112 different playable Gods, from 15 different pantheons. This ranges to gods such as Zeus, Poseidon and Hades from the Greek pantheon, Ra, Anubis and Horus from the Egyptian pantheon, and Odin, Thor and Loki from the Norse pantheon. Five new gods were released in 2020: Mulan from the Chinese pantheon, Baba Yaga from the Slavic pantheon, Cthulhu from the Great Old Ones pantheon and both Tsukuyomi and Danzaburou from the Japanese pantheon.

With new gods being added to the game each year, the fans of SMITE are vocal about which gods they wish to see make the cut in the future and with 2021 now upon us, there is no better time to discuss some popular candidates. Who should join Zeus, Ra and Odin in the battleground of the gods?

10. Thunderbird

Pantheon: Various

The Thunderbird is a large eagle seen in various North American mythologies that has the power to control thunder and lightning, as well as bring powerful storms. Various different tribes and peoples indigenous to North America feature the Thunderbird in their mythologies, such as the Algonquian peoples, the Winnebago tribe, the Menominee and the Ojibwe.

As with every myth, there are differences between the different interpretations of the Thunderbird. Some legends refer to the Thunderbird as the embodiment of nature and the elements themselves, while other see the creature as a protector and guardian of the upper world. Various myths also speak of the anger of the creature, having the power to smite down any wrongdoers, able to create floods or droughts and even turn whole villages to stone.

As well as just gods, creatures from various mythologies have been added to SMITE previously such as Cerberus from the Greek Pantheon. The various interpretations of the Thunderbird could provide numerous inspirations for various abilities. The Thunderbird could work well as a Guardian or Warrior, being a large bulky creature with a variety of movement abilities and powerful attacks to offset this, as well as being able to heal team members.

Alternatively, they could make the Thunderbird similar to Hel from the Norse Pantheon, having an ability to change from a passive healer to an aggressive attacker with the press of a button.

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