10 Great Gaming Bromances

10. Male Grey Warden and Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins)

A bit obscure yes, but it's an undeniable bromance. After all, if you make a female Grey Warden, Alistair is actually a romance option so it's only fitting that he shares some heartwarming dialogue with a male Grey Warden as well. As with most pairs, Alistair is the first party member to join you on your journey meaning instant chemistry. You build a tight bond with him as he continuously affirms his trust in you as his best friend. His humorous and naive demeanor make him all the more bromance-worthy as he easily allows you to decide his fate. That's what you call love. This bromance even transcends the pixels on the screen as multiple reviews on Alistair's character come back positive with most people saying he is the perfect example of a best friend, some male players even choosing to be female due to them preferring him as the romantic option of choice - now doesn't that scream a true bromance? If that wasn't enough, there are mods to make Alistair think your male character is female. This does go well beyond a bromance, but all the more power to Alistair.
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