10 Great Video Game Sequels The Fans Rejected

Can we finally admit Resident Evil 6 was pretty awesome?

RESIdent evil 6

Making a sequel is arguably much harder than making the first game.

Not only do you have to come up with ideas to advance the established formula, you also have to stay true to the original release and not jump the shark (we're looking at you, Saints Row).

Although there are plenty of gaming sequels that fans have hailed as all-time classics, there are also times when it goes completely south.

The more a sequel tries to differentiate itself, the more it risks being completely rejected by its fanbase and ending up like any of the following games.

It's not just about how the game plays, though. There can be a whole host of other factors that determine how fans will react to a game. Even something as simple as a graphical change can inspire the fans to revolt. Wind Waker, anyone?

Chances are you've missed out on one of these rejected sequels, and that's a big shame, because they're all genuinely brilliant.

10. Kingdom Hearts 3

RESIdent evil 6
Square Enix

Any game that has people looking forward to it for 10 years is bound to let some people down.

That would be a bit of an understatement for Kingdom Hearts 3 though, which garnered a surprisingly mixed response from fans.

Gameplay and post-game content were both cited as the biggest issues plaguing the release. There simply wasn't much interesting to do once you finished the main story, and gameplay differed quite heavily from the previous titles.

Another big problem was the pacing. Up until the final act, the story was practically none existent. For a series so focused on plot, this was a pretty big misstep in the eyes of fans.

If you can look beyond some of the issues that Kingdom Hearts 3 has, you'll find another great entry into the series, with a story that really hits hard when it gets going and gameplay that's pure, simple fun.

That critical mode really kicks things up too, but you can't deny such a notable mixed reception.


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