10 Great Video Games Everybody Just Stopped Playing

9. Sifu

starfield drop

Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2, beat 'em up Sifu's sharp player drop-off can be very obviously attributed to the game's high degree of challenge, with its take-no-prisoners approach ensuring that less-persistent players quickly noped out.

Though almost 90% of players made it through the prologue - where, admittedly, dying isn't possible - that number took a steep tumble soon thereafter. 

58.7% of players have beaten the first of the game's five main chapters, but only 32.8% got to the end of the second chapter and defeated boss Sean.

This isn't remotely surprising given that, as anyone who's played much of Sifu will know, Sean represents a significant difficulty spike, as clearly caused less-determined players to bounce off the game entirely.

This is backed up by Steam metrics, which show the concurrent player count dropping by almost 85% within a month of release. And if you're wondering how many players actually made it to the very end of the game? On PlayStation, just 15.1% popped the gold trophy.

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