10 Great Video Games Made By Just One Person

Some individuals have so much talent.

Humble Hearts

One of the amazing things about the gaming industry is how it’s possible for one person to make an incredible game on their own. This simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere; can you imagine Steven Spielberg trying to put together Jurassic Park all by himself?

The creation of a video game often requires a lot of talented and trained people working together on different parts of the project, with some games requiring teams of several hundred people, but history has shown that it’s perfectly possible for one person to take on all of those tasks and make critically-acclaimed, award-winning games.

These multi-talented mavericks not only possess the development skills needed to make a brilliant video game, they often also have talents in writing, music, art, direction, and so much more. All by themselves, they're able to craft games that even big development studios could be proud of.

Of course, these indie developers don’t have the budgets or the means to make games that can compete graphically or technically with the likes God Of War, but you might be surprised to learn that some of the most iconic titles of the modern and classic gaming eras were made by just one person.

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