10 Great Video Games Made By Just One Person


Terry Cavanagh

VVVVVV was a clever little puzzle game released in 2010 and created from the ground up by Irish developer Terry Cavanagh. Cavanagh made the whole thing in Adobe Flash, taking inspiration from the classic 8-bit Commodore 64 games of his youth.

The game follows the cute Captain Viridian as he attempts to rescue his crew mates from a mysterious open world, cut up into individual screens and puzzles, not dissimilar to Metroidvania-style games. VVVVVV plays around with the rules of physics in some clever ways, resulting in a highly enjoyable puzzle platformer.

Cavanagh admitted he didn't have the technical skills to make realistic-looking graphics, so decided to keep the aesthetics of his game as simple as possible, preferring to focus on the gameplay. It worked pretty well as VVVVVV received critical acclaim and was regarded as one of the best indie releases of 2010. The game later went on to be rewritten to work on Linux and even got a re-release on Nintendo's 3DS.

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