10 Great Video Games You'll Never Play Again (And Why) - Commenter Edition

Replay value? Never heard of her.

Nier Automata
PC Gamer

Even more so than going back to your favourite films or books, revisiting your favourite video games offers such an appealing comfort blanket for fans. It's partly why overdue remasters are so successful; as a species we love things that are familiar and habitually return to the media we love to squeeze every last drop out of them.

This goes double for games, which are often replayable by design, with alternate endings, optional playstyles and secondary missions all encouraging players to return to a title time and time again.

All this said, there are some games that a good chunk of fans will never be able to face playing again. They're not bad - far from it - it's just that they were either so demanding, emotionally draining, or strangely structured that one time through is more than enough.

We've compiled a list of these before, but the following ten were entirely chosen by you.


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