10 Greatest Video Game Cult Heroes Of All Time

9. Rayne - BloodRayne

BloodRayne was never a big-selling game. In fact, it was never even an exceptionally good game, but its kinky, murderous heroine Rayne has managed to make a lasting impact on certain sections of the game community, and even Hollywood. Rayne is an assassin and Dhampir - a cross between a human and a Nazi vampire, obviously - who spends her days killing Nazis and demons (which is quite possibly the most philanthropic combination of things any video-game character could commit their life to killing). Her striking appearance - consisting of lots of leather and blood-red hair - has caused her to become a darling of the cosplay community, and her appeal is supplemented by her ruthlessness, independence and, well, the fact that she's a kick-ass female vampire. Despite BloodRayne's so-so popularity, Rayne's appeal far transcended the video-game world, spawning a movie (albeit an awful one), a comic book series, and tons of raunchy fan art. Having come from such humble origins, this vampiric, sorry, dhampiric maiden has done pretty well for herself.
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