10 Greatest Fictional Video Game Wrestlers Ever

Legends of the digital squared circle.

video game wrestlers
Namco/Capcom/Deep Silver

WWF No Mercy, WWF WrestleFest, WCW/nWo: World Tour...when you think back on the biggest wrestling games of all-time, it's hard to not focus solely on the licensed ones.

A big part of the reason why, is simply because they allow us to fulfil our dream match fantasies, otherwise providing familiar wrestling entertainment between pay-per-views and weekly shows. They allow us to step into our favorite pro-wrestling world at will and pretty much do whatever we want.

But they are not the only kind of wrestling games - or rather, games that feature wrestlers. Instead, a host of unlicensed titles that may have lacked the name recognition, made up for it by providing something that no other wrestling game could. They may not have set out with a roster of recognizable names, but along the way they gave us some of the most beloved digital grapplers to ever lace their pixellated boots. 

Such superstars may never set foot in a real wrestling ring, but that didn't stop them from becoming some of the most beloved characters in their respective games, if not ever.

Actually, some of them never set foot in a ring at all...

10. Killbane (Saints Row: The Third)

video game wrestlers
Deep Silver

Not many former luchadors make their way to the top of criminal empires, but then again, there are few luchadors quite like Killbane. 

Making his name in the Saints Row pro-wrestling circuit as a member of the tag-team known as The Pale Riders. However, Killbane's violent temper (which apparently no one saw coming from a man called Killbane) eventually led to a split between him and his longtime teammate Angel De LaMuerte. After unmasking Angel, Killbane formed the Luchadores gang and used his fondness for neck snapping to ascend to the top of the criminal underworld.

While Saints Row players may spend their time trying to take down the masked menace, it's impossible to not respect a luchador of such skill, ambition and impeccable fashion sense. 


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