10 Greatest Fighting Game Rosters Of All Time

9. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Building a fighting game roster mostly out of DC characters is a tough task. You either run the risk of leaving out someone's favourite, or you pack in as many as possible and end up with a hot mess. With Injustice, neither of those things happened. We definitely got the heavy hitters of the DC lineup such as Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and The Flash, but what's really impressive is how some of the lesser names add to the game. From Hawkgirl's aerial juggling abilities to Solomon Grundy's brutish attacks, the developers did a fantastic job of combing through the DC mythology to find the perfect compliments to the obvious fighters. Because of their diligent selections, we got a game that is as much of a fanboy dream as it is a well-balanced fighter where every character is significant in some way. What more could you ask for?

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