10 Greatest Games Ever Released On XBOX 360

10 Video Games that justifies the XBOX 360's lifespan.

NB: This isn't an exclusives list. Instead we're looking at the best games of this generation, which were best played on the 360.

10. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

After the release of the Xbox 360, Star Wars went quiet in the video game world for a while, and then suddenly, BOOM! Lucasarts slapped this into our laps. Star Wars The Force Unleashed - guaranteed to have any nerd camping outside the shop. It allowed you to, as the title puts it, unleash the true power of the force - but not just any side, as you played for once on the dark side of the force. You could grip enemies and dance them around the room, engage in lightsaber battles that look like they could have come from the movies themselves, and you could even rip a Star Destroyer from the sky. The force truly was unleashed in this game, and for once, you weren't doing it for peace, you were doing it because you were a Sith influenced deciple murdering to your master's will. And who was your master? None other than the walking talking breathing apparatus himself. The game certainly had some flaws: it was very much a one path driven game, it could feel quite samey, and it wasn't very long. But it was still an incredible experience for us true Star Wars fans, because, for the first time since Return Of The Jedi, we saw what Vader truly thought of the Emperor. The narrative was probably the most overlooked factor of the game, and while most reviews went on about the gameplay and technical sides, this vision of a more sinister side of Vader was the game's greatest success. Using the time after Episode 3, right after the tragedy he had, it showed us, in the underlying plot, that he truly hated the Emperor, so much so that he used a young boy and groomed him so he could help overthrow his master. In short, Force Unleashed belongs on this list as it did what no other Star Wars games had before. Sadly the sequel was more like Star Wars Episode II, too much of a love story, and no second lightsaber will change that.

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