10 Greatest Games Ever Released On XBOX 360

9. Forza Motorsport 4

When the Top Gear USA team walked out onto the stage to present a video featuring the high end sports car on a track, some of us watching the stream of E3 2011 probably thought they had driven to the wrong Expo. It was all well and good watching a slow pan of this fancy car but we wanted to see games. I still remember the moment I opened my mouth in disbelief - this was a game, a photo realistic gameplay video of the latest Forza Motorsport game. There were very quiet gasps, which is unusual as people wait until the end of a video to applaud at E3. The game looked incredible: the footage they were showing looked so real, that many said it couldn't be in game footage... This was Autovista. The cars looked stunning, and you could prod and poke them to your heart's content, and even get a Top Gear style commentary from Clarkson himself. And this was just one part of the game: the racing takes place around tracks, and lets you compete in a career -not so much to be the best, but as you gain more money and experience, you gain more cars and more opportunities. The racing was visually realistic and the gameplay was one of the best simulations I have ever played in my honest opinion. Some say it gets boring, and that's probably one of the reasons for Forza Horizon being developed, although it seems a major step down if you've played the main games. Racing and Autovista wasn't the end of it. The deep community in this game was amazing. As well as the standard online racing, you could create car set ups and vinyls, slap them on a car, and auction the car (or simply the vinyls or the set ups themselves) off to the whole Forza online community. This isn't even gameplay, it's a thriving community you can play around with. Add that with the ability to upload videos and pictures, which can be edited in game, and you have yourself a clear winner. Forza Motorsport is often compared to Gran Turismo. That's another console, but for Xbox, Forza 4 is the best of the best when it comes to racing. It was deep, it was satisfying and its community features were over the top. Everything a racing game should be.

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