10 Greatest iPhone Games Ever

What else are you supposed to do on the toilet, exactly?

Very few people thought that on the release of the very first iPhone way back in 2007 it would reach such success as a handheld console. With the latest technology and the genius of the App Store, Apple single-handedly revolutionised a handheld console market dominated by Nintendo. Before the advent of the iPhone, mobile phones were unwieldy bricks capable of only playing Snake. But Apple paved the way for touchscreens which lent themselves to a new category of games. The staggering ease of pick up-and-play games aimed at the casual gamer meant that a whole new market for games had sprung up overnight, as developers realised the profit potential of producing simple but fun games at little cost. With home consoles seen to be for more serious gamers, people were much more amiable to purchasing a game on the App Store for less than a pound at a time. Bigger gaming companies even saw the chance to port some of their catalogue to iOS, with App Store versions of Final Fantasy and FIFA games amongst others hitting the devices. Despite many being on smaller budgets than the big blockbusters on Playstation and Xbox, game developers have produced some truly stellar games.

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