10 Greatest iPhone Games Ever

10. Words With Friends

An addictive social game, Words with Friends reached high levels of popularity as a multi-player game similar to classic board game Scrabble. Players could be alerted via reminders if it was their turn to lay down a word from their tile rack, the ease of use allowing games to be played over hours or even days with opponents. The simplicity of the game meant it peaked in 2010 and 2011, and the chat function has even led to many relationships being formed over a game using the random opponent feature. Several marriages have cited Words with Friends as their starting point and one case even featured a player's life being saved after describing his symptoms to an international opponent who recommended he go to a doctor to get his heart checked. Words with Friends was one of a number of games produced through a collaboration between Synga and Hasbro but remains the only major success so far.
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