10 Greatest Last Stands In Video Game History

9. Cabin In The Woods - Resident Evil 4

Red Dead Redemption Ending

One of the few times the last stand goes well for any of the protagonists on this list, around a third of the way through Resident Evil 4, Leon S Kennedy, Ashley and Luis find themselves holding up in a cabin against the Ganados.

Up until this point, Leon has had to contend with a large group of these over taken locals, but then he had the room to move and building to traverse - whilst here, he and his companions are confined to a log cabin. As crowds begin to mass at the only conceivable exits, their collective torchlights approach the cabin with one unified goal in mind.

With only seconds to spare after the cutscene, to do things like, barricade the doors, lower windows and take stock of ammo before the building is stormed. Unlike zombies of Resident Evil old, Ganados are organised and have some sense of self-preservation they attack different entry points until one strike lucky.

Hold both floors is a fool's errand, but knowing just the right time to fall back to the upstairs is key here. As within minutes, the ground floor will be, shoulder to shoulder Ganados, with even more crashing through the window with ladders - Helms Deep style.


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