10 Greatest Last Stands In Video Game History

8. Rage Against The Machines - Horizon Zero Dawn

Red Dead Redemption Ending

Guerrilla Games had their work cut out for them when Horizon Zero Dawn was announced, because for the longest time they were just the Killzone studio. So when Horizon Zero Dawn landed nobody knew what to expect.

They had created a vibrant new world which couldn’t be further away from Killzone. Environments were colourful, Aloy was compelling female lead and there was all, but no guns to be seen, just superb bow and arrow combat.

This all comes to a head in the latter third of Horizon Zero Dawn, in where Aloy must hold back wave upon wave of corrupted machines as they storm the City of Light along with the Spire.

Once set up, Machines begin to pour out of the tree line with only moments to breath between the action. There are a few guards around, but this fight is truely up to Aloy to win and the players master of the bow skills.

When this battle is finally over and the looming shadow has been beaten back - this will hold up as one of the most memorable sections in the game.


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