10 Greatest MTG One Drops Of All Time

What are the strongest turn one plays from across the years?

Llanowar Elves
Wizards Of The Coast

Whether you were playing in Alpha or just started playing for Ikoria, Magic the Gathering is a game which has soared into the hearts of many across multiple generations. It's the game which just keeps expanding, players come and go but old players often come back because this game is just so damn good. In that time, one of the things which have consistently remained incredibly powerful are the one drops. This list will show you how much power one drops have had over the entire period.

The term 'one drops' relates specifically to one mana permanents, so unfortunately there'll be no instant and sorcery spells on this list - not that it would make too much of a difference as continuous effects are generally stronger than one-off abilities. However, this does include things like artifacts. Sorry Phyrexian Dreadnought, you may be both an artifact and a creature but the purer artifacts just bumped you off this list.

So draw for turn, unless you're going first, play your land, and get ready for these early-game plays which will both baffle and anger your opponent.

10. Goblin Lackey

While coming in at last place on this list, nobody should underestimate Goblin Lackey as his potential power level is much greater than some of the other cards on this list. His downfall unfortunately comes at his lack of haste and his 1/1 stat block.

If Goblin Lackey hits your opponent, it can potentially be game-winning, especially hitting on turn 2 if your opponent doesn’t yet have any board presence which, in all honestly, might be the only time you have this chance. Being able to put a goblin of any cost onto the board so early gives you an advantage which your opponent will greatly struggle to pull back from. Hit twice with it and it’s probably great over. Even getting out a three or four cost card is enough to set you up on what will no doubt be a steamroll as you rush your opponent down.

However, as even a turn 1 one-drop can counter this creature, it unfortunately ranks tenth on this list.


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