10 Greatest Role-Playing Games Of The Last Ten Years

9. Dragon Age: Origins

Rumor Da3 Otw

Dragon Age Origins isn't for the weak. It's definitely a complex RPG that keeps you one your toes.

Your journey begins as a man who converts into a Grey Warden who's primary objective is to defeat the darkspawn. The darkspawn are nasty creatures that intend on taking over the world. Your job is to stop them. On your quest, you come across many characters that you can have join you in your battle. The big advantage that Dragon Age Origins has over Dragon Age 2 is the story. The plot really evolves nicely as you evolve from a nobleman into a hero.

The story is drawn out but it doesn't it without feeling forced. Dragon Age Origins is a great RPG game for the intense gamer. If you're a completionist, expect to put in over 70 hours into the story mode. Personally I think that's awesome but I know not all will agree (especially the girlfriend). Dragon Age is fun, witty, complex and rewarding.


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