10 Greatest Talkative Gaming Villains

They'll kill you, but they'll have a little chat first.

Things were much easier for heroes back in the day. Video game villains of years gone by would show up fleetingly in the introduction, normally to kidnap the nearest damsel, and then swagger back to their Secret Lair until the final showdown. Today€™s evil-doers, on the other hand, just can€™t help themselves -- they provide a constant commentary on the protagonist€™s progress, dispensing taunts and insults like your earpiece is their personal Twitter feed.Sometimes this can be downright annoying, but there are villains whose barbs are so biting, their put-downs so perfectly delivered, that it€™s an absolute pleasure to be goaded by them. Along the way they give us insights into their point of view and remind us of just why they should be hated, feared or throttled at the earliest opportunity. Here are ten of the greatest examples of villains who just couldn€™t keep their mouths shut...
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