10 Greatest Weapons From Worms

9. Homing Pigeon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT03j1B66Rc Pigeons are likely something you see every day. Colloquially known as tree rats, they are one of the world€™s most populous bird species and whilst these days they only seem to loiter around benches in search of bread, they were once extensively used by the military to relay messages. As the birds have an innate homing ability (meaning they can always find their way home), they were often taken to far away locales and then used to report intelligence findings in a quick and unsuspecting manner. Worms decides to use the creatures for more nefarious purposes, turning the homing pigeon into a more hilarious version of the homing missile (one of the series staple weapons). Simply pick a point on the map and a feathered friend will quickly make his way there and blow up, usually in the face of an adversary.
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