10 Greatest Western RPGs Of All Time

9. Baldur's Gate

fallout new vegas

One of the most beloved RPG franchises of all time is without a doubt Baldur's Gate. Considered one of the foundations of how top-down RPGs are made, almost everything that you expect from the genre today can be found here.

Baldur's Gate starts off rather simply, with your character losing their home and father figure when ambushed on the road. In your quest to unravel the mystery of why your master was killed and who did it, you will find yourself embroiled in a conspiracy that has enveloped the entire land.

While a lot of the game has shown its age (30 years old at time of writing, so that's only natural), so much more of Baldur's Gate remains timeless.

The characters are beautifully written, the world-building is excellent - with literally every room telling you something about the place that room is and how people have lived in and interacted with it - and the combat, while definitely of its time, comes off a lot better than its contemporaries. While earlier CRPGs like Ultima 7 came off more like slap fights you had little to no control over, Baldur's Gate actually lets you have much more command over the flow of combat.


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