10 Greatest Wrestling Games Ever Made

437983 Picture 12 With the release of WWE 2K14 looming, we're getting hype fever. We're ready for the next great wrestling game. They've had a kind of rough ride over the years. There's so many bad ones out there. Yet, for all the bad - there's a few that are truly great. We want to celebrate those ones. The ten greatest, that filled us with childish glee when we first picked up our controllers and rock bottomed our enemies. These are the games that have defined the genre and should continue to long into the indefinite future. We've lost countless hours to each of them and hope you have too.

10. WWE Day of Reckoning 2 - Gamecube

Wwedayofreckoning2 01 No matter how bad a wrestling game is (and often they're terrible), we generally find some entertainment if it provides a season mode. Well, Day of Reckoning 2 is an awesome game that pushes the season mode front row center. Yes, it may be linear - resulting in little to no replay value but it's just so damn good. Picking up directly where the original left off, your wrestler must capture the title, reclaim the heart of Stacy Keibler and solve a genuinely engrossing mystery. The game engine feels similar to the Smackdown series, which really isn't a bad thing. But the game's presentation really makes this feel like a different kind of experience. It's like what TNA tried to do years later with their iMPACT video game but actually good. It sports a sound roster and fifteen different match types, generating acceptable multiplayer appeal. Nothing strikingly amazing. Single player is where this game defines itself, providing contemporary life support. If you've never played it, consider yourself lucky. Go get a copy and enjoy the story.
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