10 Groundbreaking Video Games That Changed Everything

Breaking the mould.

final fantasy VII sephiroth
Square Enix

Gaming is a progressive medium, always pushing forwards, technically and artistically.

It’s arguably the fastest growing industry on the planet, evolving constantly, transforming every decade into something virtually unrecognisable, improving upon pre-established conventions, changing to meet the demands of each subsequent generation.

Sometimes, a game is released which changes everything, revolutionising the medium, reinventing core concepts, and reimagining narrative and gameplay preconceptions.

Without a doubt, every example on this list is a ground-breaking accomplishment, some of which have been recognised for their achievements, and some overlooked. Without them, the current state of gaming would be virtually unrecognisable, these games having pushed the boundaries of possibility, transforming the medium into what it is today.

That said, here are ten groundbreaking video games that changed everything…

10. Metal Gear Solid

final fantasy VII sephiroth

Masterminded by Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid has always been a narrative driven series, the gameplay usually playing second fiddle to the countless, never-ending cutscenes and codec calls.

Consequently, praising anything apart from the characters and narrative may seem strange – seeing as how those elements are generally the focus – but, the series really does deserve some credit for its pioneering stealth mechanics and intelligibility of design.

The original in particular was ground-breaking – leagues ahead of its closest contemporaries – pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling. In the game, players assume the role of a secret operative, codenamed Solid Snake, tasked with infiltrating a nuclear research facility in order to prevent a group of terrorists from launching a devastating offensive.

Gameplay is equally as innovative, pushing stealth mechanics further than ever before.


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