10 Hard Video Game Bosses With Weaknesses You Utilised

The Bigger They Are, The Cheaper You Get.

Metal Gear Solid V

In the ever-important pursuit of progression, boss encounters are typically used in games to test the might of their players, providing a substantial obstacle to give a sense of where their skills should be.

Often they're a cakewalk, offering little resistance as the player continues along their merry way, and others pose a steep difficulty making it a stress-inducing feat when the boss is eventually slain. Easing the suffering is what many players try so very hard to do, and discovering an effective means of beating the enemy with minimal effort is often more satisfying than the fight itself.

Normally, it's important for a boss to require an understanding of all of the game's mechanics to beat it. Yet, this isn't the case for plenty of foes, as they can be bested using cheap gameplay quirks, time trickery and the right weapon at the right moment.

Sometimes you don't want to pull your hair out in frustration as the game over screen appears for the 100th time, and though it's hard to justify it, there's every chance that players gave up and used their head rather than their trigger finger to overcome the most difficult of enemies.

10. Fire Giant - Elden Ring

Metal Gear Solid V
From Software

Releasing in early 2022 to a sea of critical praise, Elden Ring is the latest game by FromSoftware, a company known for its crushing difficulty, stellar melee combat and dedicated fanbase.

While other games from the developer have flirted with nonlinearity in the past, Elden Ring was the first to embrace it entirely as the game’s stunning open world takes centre stage. For players, this offers a whole new approach to its difficulty as there’s every chance of a hulking boss encounter around every corner.

One such enemy that players will come across during their time in The Lands Between is the Fire Giant, one of the game’s essential bosses to overcome if players want to see the credits roll. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t be bested with some careful planning and well-timed execution.

The key to making this fight easier is to lure the Fire Giant from his dwelling place to a nearby ledge. He will brainlessly leap down from the top and deal enough damage to himself to trigger the fight’s second phase.

Elden Ring is a punishing game, so cheesing this fight feels like a small, but significant victory over it.


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