10 Hardest Alternate Endings In Video Games

10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Purification


We'll start things off with FromSoftware's beautiful yet punishing offering, which is their standard, really.

Veterans of the series will know, there's always more to a From game than just a standard ending, and Sekiro is no different. Yet there's not one, but two difficult yet rewarding endings in From's latest offering. Yay...

The first, Return, doesn't pose any insanely nasty bosses (well, no more than the main game requires), but a fetch quest. Of course, this being a FromSoftware game, a fetch quest is never simple.

But it's the Purification ending that really tests the mettle.

To get this one, you need an item from the past. Never mind that it's an absolute mission to get to the particular item-possessing boss, it's the boss itself that many hate.

Remember how difficult the Great Owl fight was about the midway point of the game?

Well, try fighting a leaner, meaner and downright quicker one in the past. Oh, that can also throw firebirds at you because why not, it's a From game.

As someone's who's got the Platinum trophy for this game I can tell you now, it wasn't easy.

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