10 Hardest DUAL Boss Fights In Gaming History

Double trouble.

elden ring godskin duo

Because video game bosses are designed to test players, they need to provide a monumental challenge. But no matter how tough these enemies are, you should emerge triumphant after you've memorised their pattern. (Except Soulsborne bosses. You need a miracle to beat those guys.)

However, things are a lot trickier when you must face two foes simultaneously. Although dealing with an extra baddie doesn't sound like a big deal, dual bosses are usually the hardest part of any game. While you're wailing against one adversary, their partner can come out of nowhere, taking a hefty chunk out of your health bar.

If you're playing an open-world game, you'll spend most of these battles with one enemy off-screen, meaning you have to guess how close they are to you. Because you have to constantly monitor the location of two foes for the entire battle, it can do a real number on your eyes, as well as your nerves.

If you thought it would be easy once one rival is taken down, that's not always the case. Depending on the game, some bosses become far harder once their comrade is defeated, forcing you to completely readjust your strategy.

Even though facing two opponents at once is never easy, this bunch are regarded as the toughest dual bosses ever.

10. Juni & Juli - Street Fighter Alpha 3

elden ring godskin duo

Street Fighter Alpha 3 concludes with the player going mano-a-mano with M. Bison. (Big surprise there.) Before fighting the maniacal dictator, certain combatants must fight Bison's clones, Juni and Juli.

Although these henchwomen are literally head-swaps of Cammy, they're not to be underestimated. As soon as your opponents are on both sides of you, you'll be left completely vulnerable. Because you can’t block from both directions simultaneously, it’s really hard to evade attacks. If you land a solid combo on one enemy, it can be interrupted at any point if your her partner lands a single blow on you.

However, the most annoying about this battle isn't the boss itself, but the controls. If you want to block an attack, you press Back on the D-Pad.

But if Juni and Juli are on both sides of you, the controls might register Back as Forward, preventing you from blocking! It also makes it tricky to perform any moves that requires the D-Pad. After all, how can you shoot a Fireball if the controls register Down, Forward Punch as Down, Back, Punch? Because of this, the best way to defeat these clones is to flail maniacally, rather than relying on strategy or timing.

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