10 Hardest Video Game Achievements Of 2020 (So Far)

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Achievements add an extra sense of satisfaction when playing through a video game. For many of us they’re a nice bit of encouragement. If you dangle an achievement in front of me, I’m more than happy to replay a five year old game or play through Resident Evil four times in an attempt to unlock Inferno difficulty.

Sure, they're not for everyone but for the few of us obsessed, there’s nothing better than scratching off a completion and adding it to our collection.

So far, 2020 has been less than ideal for video games. Due to current events we’ve seen a significant slowdown from in house developers resulting in numerous delays, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us Part 2. Luckily, we’ve had other great games like Half-Life: Alyx, Resident Evil 3 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps to keep us busy. With those also come some interesting achievements.

In light of said releases, this list will take a closer look at the last four months of gaming, picking out the 10 hardest achievements they’ve offered us. Some are brutal, others test your dedication to the grind and of course, the rest take an insane amount of patience.

10. Darksiders Genesis – Are You Not Entertained?

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Not entertained is very likely what the players going for this achievement will be. Maybe it won't be an awful experience, but it will be a long one. Are You Not Entertained requires the player to achieve a score of 70,000 or higher in the arena.

What makes this worse is that it can’t be done in a regular arena. Instead, you need to clear arenas 15 to 20, which unlocks the infinite arena. Now you’ve unlocked it, settle in for an onslaught of combo-filled murder. You'll need to complete roughly 75 waves which most say isn’t difficult, just tedious. Enemies also repeat, so you’ll quickly get used to who you’re killing. This’ll help when figuring out the best way to dispatch foes, maximising both points and being efficient with your time.

As with most achievements, the strain is lessened if you have a co-op partner. That way, if you die on your hour long journey you won’t be hard reset to the beginning.


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