10 Hated Video Game Mechanics The World Was Wrong About

10. Getting Off Of Your Skateboard - Tony Hawk's Underground


Without lamenting on the insane downfall of Tony Hawk's games over the years, cast your mind back to when they were fun. Then, cast your mind forward a bit to the Underground series, but ignore all the wacky Bam Margera/Jackass takeover stuff.

Got it? Good.

In their glory days, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games were the benchmark for great skateboarding games. But what they lacked was the versatility to explore their levels. Sure, you could to some extent on a skateboard, but with a turning circle like a London cab, it was a bit of a fiddle.

So when THUG came along, and allowed players to get off their boards and explore, minds were blown. It opened up new exploration routes, or where to start new lines from it. It was revolutionary.

And weirdly enough, when the crown was passed onto EA's Skate series, it took them a sequel to allow this luxury to players. It proved that whilst the heart was in the skateboarding, given players freedom to choose their own trick lines and routes was a much needed godsend.


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