10 Hated Video Games That Broke Fans

Can anyone defend this trash?

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In theory, it should be illogical to get angry over a bad game.

If something sucks, don't play it. Nobody's forcing you to. Just play something else.

But there are times when you can't stop a video game from getting under your skin. When an acclaimed developer promise their latest project will have an immersive story, next-gen graphics and fluid gameplay, fans can't help getting hyped.

When we see the developers bragging that their next game's specs are top-of-the-line, you feel like it's going to blow the competition out of the water.

And when you finally get your hands on the game, you notice something wrong very quickly. It's not very good.

I don't mean it's a bit overrated. Instead, maybe the controls are so janky, it's virtually unplayable. Could be it refuses to boot up, forcing you to download a patch so you can progress beyond the title screen. And when a game doesn't have the same graphics that we saw in advertisements, you can't help feeling heartbroken.

When gamers experience this level of betrayal, they are 100% in their right to be furious with those behind the state of the game to that point.

10. Street Fighter V

Madden NFl 21

Street Fighter II isn't just the most influential fighting game ever - it's among the best games ever made. It's followups may not have had the same impact, but Capcom's biggest franchise has been regarded as a titan in the fighting genre for decades.

So, when Street Fighter V was released in 2016, fans were beyond thrilled... until they played it. Because of the limited roster, a minimal single-player content, and a lack of new features, it was no surprise when SFV received its fair share of criticism.

But it gets worse. The online multiplayer was so embarrassingly inconsistent, players wondered why the developers bothered having this mode available at launch. There were also glitches that caused players to fly off the screen with little warning! Because of these unforgiving errors, Street Fighter V originally received a MetaCritic score of 54% - a pitifully low rating for what was once considered the king of fighting games.

Even though a lot of issues were fixed eventually, fans were still disappointed that Capcom dropped the ball this badly on their most recognised property.

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