10 Hated Video Games That Broke Fans

9. Batman: Arkham Knight (PC Version)

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RockSteady's action-adventurer, Batman: Arkham Asylum, was regarded as the best Batman game upon its release in 2009. Despite having a lot to live up to, Arkham City surpassed its predecessor in every way, garnering a reputation as among the best games period.

Despite the fact Arkham felt like an unstoppable franchise, fans were worried when it was announced that the prequel, Arkham Origins, would be developed by WB Games Montreal, not Rocksteady. Sadly, these concerns were justified since Arkham Origins was underwhelming. By no means a bad game, Origins was still let down by freezing, glitches, and frame-rate drops.

So, when RockSteady announce they would return for the final instalment, DC fans couldn't wait. So, when gamers played Arkham Knight on the PS4 or Xbox One, they felt it was a satisfying conclusion to the epic series.

But anyone unfortunate to purchase the PC version were far from pleased. The Windows port was plagued with an alarming amount of bugs to the point where you'd think it was a trap set by one of the Dark Knight's foes. Unable to fix their blunder, Rocksteady refunded every customer who bought the PC version.

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