10 "Hated" Video Games You Should Play In 2019

There's so much you missed.

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Over the course of human history, there are many examples of things that could have gone differently, after looking back.

It's the same with gaming, too. Many a game has been written off or dismissive with such vitriol that it clouds our judgement, cast to the ignore pile forever more. But is it always justified?

Is The Order 1886 a waste of money? Is Nioh just a feudal Japanese-themed Dark Souls knockoff? Is No Man's Sky really a complete shambles? Is Siege half-finished?

Sometimes we read someone else's opinion and without even playing it ourselves, take on their ire at a game. It's daft, when you think about it.

Whether it be criticism about the state of release or lack of content, or just "not being the same as the last one", this usually overshadows the positive aspects of any game overall.

So let's put on our mature heads, take a deep breath and broaden our horizons, as we look at some games that may not deserve as much hatred as initially thought.

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No Man's Sky
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