10 Hauntingly Dark Secrets In RPGs

If you go down to the woods today...

Whether it’s a little area in a game that gives you the creeps or a whole side quest dedicated to ruining your sleep, I have a pile of horrifying video game tidbits all ready for you.

In this list we’re staying within the boundaries of role playing games, though it is a genre famous for sprawling worlds, hidden side stories, and characters so morally grey they’re probably morally black, so we aren’t restricting ourselves too much.

Get that nightlight out, because this is going to be a seriously twisted one.

Expect to hear the word ‘cannibal’ more than once.


10. Elixir Of Pain - World Of Warcraft

world of warcraft elixir of pain

Probably one of the least controversial generalisations I could make is that gamers like dogs in video games. So imagine how controversial it was when some WoW players discovered that the game asked you to hurt a pup who was just minding his own business.

Look, maybe you’ve gone full Horde and this one just doesn’t bother you but let me give you the lowdown so you can decide for yourself. Back in the olden days of Vanilla WoW, and now in World of Warcraft Classic, you’re tasked with providing 10 vials of Mountain Lion Blood to Apothecary Lydon who is one evil looking bastard found in Hillsbrad Foothills. Once you’ve done that he’ll hand you back something I doubt you’ll be sneaking a sip from called the Elixir of Pain, and asks you to feed it to a little dog in town called Stanley.

I know you can see where this is going and no, it’s not good.

If you decide to feed the nasty poison crap to the little cutie, he’ll morph into an aggressive oversized wolf monster called Enraged Stanley, leaving you no choice but to kill him. You could say the Forsaken made you do it but I see you tallying up that XP gain. Was it worth it?

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