10 Hidden Dialogues In Video Games

Calendar Man's hidden messages were some of the best things about Batman: Arkham City.

Calendar Man Arkham City
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Virtually every video game has some form of hidden content, be that a hard-to-find area, rare concept art, developer commentaries or even messages left for those pesky no-clippers. Often, this content is either unfinished or pretty drab, being something you're not normally supposed to see.

Other times, the hidden goodies can be hidden in plain sight, and all it takes is one specific manoeuvre to get that gratifying glimpse of something you weren't expecting in a million years.

"Who said that?" you might say to yourself in shock. "Where'd that text box come from?"

No matter how many times you've played a game, a secret like this can easily pass you by over and over again. You have to give the developers props for tucking dialogue so cleverly away in their games, and also the voice actors for being willing to stick around to record these extra little anecdotes.

It's not always trivial stuff either. In some cases, once you've heard what these hidden lines have to say, you may never look at that game the same way again.

10. 2B's Final Message - Nier: Automata (2017)

Calendar Man Arkham City
Square Enix

Nier: Automata is already a heart-wrenching enough game without you stumbling upon this. Better get chopping those onions to maintain your cool in front of your mates.

While exploring the Flooded City as the character 9S, you may come across a fairly inconspicuous crashed ship and decide to check it out. An automated message will begin playing, stating the flight unit's ID number and so on.

But just before your eyes glaze over, the name 2B will jump right out at you, and 9S, shocked, orders the computer to play the recorded message.

In it, 2B speaks of her immense affection for 9S, saying that the time she spent with him was like "memories of pure light". 9S is overcome with grief for his dear friend, and so should you be.

If your heartstrings weren't already in tatters playing through this game, discovering 2B's final heartfelt message is sure to finish you off. God help us if there's ever a sequel.


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