10 Hidden Video Game Items That Change EVERYTHING

Picking up these artefacts will blow your mind.

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Every gamer loves stumbling upon a sneakily hidden item. By traversing through every nook and cranny, you're bound to find a few secrets tucked away. Usually, these artefacts take the form of an upgrade, shield, or a weapon. Sometimes, the feature in question has no real effect, and was just thrown in for a laugh.

But there are some secluded items in gaming that do far more than they appear. Depending on what you're playing, acquiring hidden relics can unlock new levels and secret bosses.

They can alter how characters interact or the structure of the entire game. Locating the bucket in The Stanley Parable drastically changes the narrator's dialogue. Tracking down the five talismans in Sifu unlocks a new ending. Obtaining the Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic series changes pretty much everything.

Because collect-a-thons are no picnic, you can understand why most gamers just focus on the main campaign, rather than picking up everything they come across. But attaining the items in this list are an absolute must, since they will unlock all sorts of extra features that you never imagined.

10. The Zeta-Pi-Omega File - Hades

Sekiro aromatic branch
Supergiant Games

After Hades' son, Zagreus, grows tired of being confined in the underworld, he vows to flee to the surface. But since the underworld was designed to be inescapable, Hades throws everything he has to ensure his ungrateful son stays put.

While you attempt to break out of Hades' hellish maze over and over, you'll encounter many characters from Ancient Greek myths such as Achilles, Thanatos, and Zeus. However, the people that most players are drawn to is Orpheus and Eurydice. Although these two musicians adore each other, they're imprisoned in different sections of the underworld, preventing them from rekindling their relationship.

Or so it seems. If you keep speaking to the pair upon each run, your step-mother, Nyx, will tell you that you can release Orpheus from servitude by locating the zeta-pi-omega file in the administrative chamber. Once this order is sent to the Contractor, you can purchase it, buying Orpheus out of his sentence.

When you revisit Eurydice upon freeing her husband, you'll see she and Orpheus have been reunited, and are celebrating with a heavenly duet. Even though this ordeal has no effect on the main campaign, it's a beautiful moment, knowing your actions brought these star-crossed lovers back together.


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