10 Highest-Rated PS4 Exclusives - Ranked From Worst To Best

Are the critics right?

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It almost goes without saying after the stupendously positive reviews God of War has been getting, but Sony are ab-so-lutely crushing it right now.

With a brand ethos leapfrogging off the back of The Last of Us' medium-shaking achievements, we now have a company that are "for the players" in the most mature and appreciable respect possible. Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and many upcoming projects like Days Gone and Spider-Man all feature over-shoulder camera angles, Hollywood-level acting, well written narratives and worlds we want to get lost in for days at a time.

In short, it's everything gamers are looking for, especially when many other industry professionals are continually pushing multiplayer components, DLC, microtransactions and threadbare, throwaway experiences. Sony have put the time into assembling a first-party catalogue that will stand the test of time. There's a level of love and passion surrounding the PS4 and its position in mainstream culture, that mimics the legendary PS2.

Every last one of these is essential, but by taking the overall PS4 listings over on Metacritic and making a definitive ranking, the question is:

Are the highest-rated PS4 games actually the best on the system?

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