10 Highest-Rated PS4 Exclusives - Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Bloodborne - 92

Bloodborne game

When it comes to advancing the tried n' true "Souls formula", all eyes were on FromSoftware to show the rest how it's done.

Thankfully, they played Bloodborne fairly safe, ditching the ability to block (save for a joke shield) as a quick dash increased the speed of combat tenfold. Also in were ranged weapons as standard to stagger and counter opponents, and a health-recovering mechanic where if you retaliated fast enough, you might just get back the majority of what you lost.

All this made for a markedly different feeling game to Dark Souls, bolstered by impeccable world design, a badass premise of hunters seeking out what goes bump in the night, and some of the coolest transforming weapons in gaming history.

That 92 is damn well deserved, and Bloodborne remains one of the purest tests of any gamer's mettle on PS4.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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