10 Hilarious But Utterly Game Breaking Glitches

Looking at glitches so ridiculous, they actually stopped the game dead.

GoldenEye 007

Bugs in video games have been around since... well.. video games. It doesn't matter if the game is small or big. It's irrelevant if it was made by a tiny team or an army of developers. It's inconsequential if it was tested by a dozen programmers for hundreds of hours; every game has glitches that the creators managed to miss.

If these malfunctions are harmless, they can be entertaining or downright hysterical for gamers. When you watch NPCs floating, limbs contorting, or animations not synching up, it's hard not to crack up. Sometimes, it can be more fun than playing the game normally.

But that's not always the case. Some video game errors are so devastating, they can stop you dead in your tracks, wipe your save file, erase your memory card, break the game, or, worst of all, brick your console.

But every once in a while, you can stumble on a defect that manages to be game-breaking AND hilarious! The glitch may make you lose your progress or destroy your game but it may just have been funny enough to make it worth it.

10. The Madd Dogg Mission - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GoldenEye 007

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has among the most entertaining mods in gaming. Depending on what mod you're using, you can cover the city in water, make cars blow up for no reason, or let meteors rain down upon civilians.

One that stands out for GTA: San Andreas is the Pedestrian Riot Mod, which causes every character to kill each other or themselves. This mod is fun but it poses a serious problem for key missions. At one point, you have to stop a character called Madd Dogg from jumping off a building. If the Pedestrian Riot Mod is active, Madd Dogg will take his own life one second after the mission begins, making it impossible to complete. It's funny when this occurs because the text reads "Save Madd Dogg before he jumps" after he's already splattered on the floor.

But here's the real problem. If you use the Pedestrian Riot Mod and turn it off before you reach Madd Dogg, he will still kill himself the instant the mission begins. Since you can't save him in time, it's impossible to progress, meaning you have to start the game all over again.

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