10 Hilarious Glitches That Made Good Games Amazing

Skyrim - Basket Head Cover

Much like real life, games are usually governed by rules, all centering around every action having an equal and opposite reaction. I press up, my avatar moves up. I press down, my avatar moves down. I hold down a button, I charge up an attack. It's all pretty simple stuff, and it's stuff we've had drilled into us all our gaming lives. Then of course, there are the glitches. Glitches allow us to look behind the curtain of the big gaming production and witness what's going on behind the scenes. They break these rules, allowing us to exploderise things with a blink of an eye, or float off into space with only the slightest provocation. Most of the time they can be deeply annoying, breaking the illusion or robbing us of any challenge. Yet there are some glitches which don't deserve to be treated with such scorn. Yes, they may mess with the 'reality' by breaking the game's rules, but they do it in such a hilarious way that you can't help but be proud of what just happened. It's like a 6-year-old playing a musical instrument €“ you know it's going to be terrible and there's a possibility they might run into the wall at any moment, but there's a certain endearing awfulness to it that you just can't help but love. This article is dedicated to those glitches €“ the ones which act as a cherry atop the game's already-awesome sundae, adding a dash of bizarre random-ness to make the whole mighty edifice that somehow makes it much better. These glitches might think up is turnip and down is potato, but damn it, they're just too ridiculous not to praise. Before we get started, be aware that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. Now that's out the way, come and embrace the awfulness with me.

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