10 Hilarious Unscripted WTF Moments In Video Games

Sometimes a game's A.I. is the star of the show...


Over the years, video games have taken huge strides towards plots full of moments that shock, impress and occasionally even bring a tear to the eye. The modern video game narrative can be as good as any lauded novel or film, but it's not always the scripted moments in these experiences that are the most memorable.

With the mechanics of many games being so detailed and varied, gamers often find themselves immersed in completely enjoyable and regularly unpredictable worlds. This is especially prominent in games that take place in an open-world setting, where combinations of environment and population can consistently surprise.

Whether for sheer shock or a hearty giggle, these unscripted moments become memorable for all of their own reasons. They may lack the styled dialogue or overt flashiness of a predetermined cut-scene, but many are even more effective for their often genuine nature.

Modern gaming is full of such instances, and here I've gathered 10 of the greatest unscripted WTF moments from recent games...

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