10 Hilarious Unscripted WTF Moments In Video Games

10. The Call Of Nature - Tom Clancy's The Division

In the dark, devastated streets of post-apocalyptic New York, moments of carefree enjoyment are few and far between. With rival gangs all vying to take death squad control of the city's ransacked districts and newly-activated Division agents trying to restore order, players won't often have found themselves in a position to stop for a laugh.

That is, unless you've stumbled across a wandering dog which appears to be doing something a little bit unclean. Different to the usual action of barking madly or dashing off in fear, certain animations make the dog look like it's leaving a deuce on an abandoned street.

While the world is falling apart around it, all this dog really cares about is dropping its waste and recommencing the search for food and shelter.

We could all learn a lot from such a simple life...

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