10 Hilarious Video Game Death Scenes You Totally Missed

Wesker's achilles heel?

resident evil wesker

Death, as a concept, doesn't sound like an inherently fun one. Not that I would know, as far I'm aware I haven't died, and it's really hard to ask those that have a few questions about it.

Luckily, through the medium of video games, we don't have to overthink it too much. We can get a basic idea of what to avoid doing, often with hilarious consequences.

Whether it be the antagonist getting his amphibious comeuppance or a crypt explorer feeling the literal touch of fable, these never fail to amuse. Sometimes these can be forced by our own hand, or lack of hand-eye coordination, as Quick Time Events rear their head again.

At other times, it can just be a case of wandering off the beaten track, or inadvertently unlocking a hidden "bonus" death through natural progression.

Admittedly, I could have just filled this with Resident Evil deaths (and there are some in here, don't panic), but some of the others may surprise you. It may even be that you were naturally good enough to avoid them completely in your adventures.

Whatever the reason for it, prepare yourselves for some of the most hilarious - and often gross - death scenes that have caught hapless heroes and villains alike unawares. Can't say you haven't been warned though.

10. Beavis And Butt-head In Virtual Stupidity - Butt-Head Kills Beavis

resident evil wesker

Yes, you read that title correctly and yes, that picture is a real screenshot from the game.

Whilst the dimwitted duo have caused their fair share of anarchy across the mediums, they've never outright murdered anyone. Or each other, for that matter.

That can all be changed though, in the 1995 adventure game, Virtual Stupidity. Like most point and click adventure games, there's always something to reward the curious. The toil of clicking and combining every item to every surface is an arduous task, but sometimes it does pay off.

Except in this instance, where the reward is instead the gruesome point blank shotgun-to-face murder of Beavis.

That's right, by clicking on the screws in the mirror of this particular toilet, then clicking the crudely drawn skull on the stall will unlock this secret death scene.

As Beavis walks over to Butt-head, the latter calmly pulls a shotgun out, exclaims "F*@k you, Beavis" before blowing him away.

It's gross, but in a roundabout, unexpected way it's also completely hilarious. Purely because you would never imagine either of these two doing this.

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