10 Hilariously One Sided Video Game Boss Battles

These bosses could be beaten with your eyes closed.

Mysterio Spider-Man

Boss battles are meant to be a kind of "graduation event" for the player, a moment in which all the skills learned along the way are put to the test and usually offer bragging rights or great rewards for gamers able to overcome the odds.

But sometimes, that isn't the case, for you see the entries on this list, well they were a little more one-sided. And I'm not talking about bosses who wiped the floor with you in seconds, but rather the other way around, where the odds were so stacked in your favour it's nearly impossible to lose.

Whereas most boss battles are tests of skill and determination, these contests end up making you feel pretty bad, kinda like you're beating the dead horse with a spiked baseball bat and a gun that fires explosive bees. It's almost comically over the top and not at all necessary considering the opposition.

10. Glass Joe - Super Punch Out!

Mysterio Spider-Man

If you're ever going to step foot inside a boxing ring in real life, then credit to you as it takes a lot of guts to be repeatedly punched in them over and over. However when guts is all you have, you might want to stop lacing up the gloves and hang them up instead.

Poor old Glass Joe, he's on a monstrous losing streak, the kind that would make former WWE star Curtis Axel jealous, but he continues to put up the good fight in the hopes of winning his second ever bout. Weirdly enough the Official Nintendo Power magazine lists his sole victory as being against Nick Bruiser! The time it's taken me to tell you this is longer than any regular fight against the Frenchman, as he'll be eating more pain than even his bakery loving background would suggest he could handle.

Everyone who's ever picked up a controller could break Glass Joe's glass jaw, and even when he returns with some extra padding to help his cause, it's still a rookie move to bet on anyone other than Little Mac.

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