10 Hip-Hop Songs That Reference Popular Video Games

9. The Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs (1994)

The Lady of Rage's Afro Puffs track is typical of a Death Row track from the 1990s: g-funked, laid back, a hook and outro from Snoop Dogg...and the beat is produced by Dr. Dre. The video game reference is small yet significant with this one: hadouken being Ryu and Ken's cry when unleashing a fireball in fighting classic Street Fighter.

"Now I'm hittin' MCs like HAAAAADOUKEN!

Ain't no doubt about it, I'm the undisputed,

So what you uhh, wanna do is back on up,

I'll tap that butt, wax the cuts, pass the bucks."

A subtle reference, no doubt, but still one that's appreciated by rap fans and video game fans alike. It's a move that has never lost it's iconic reputation in Street Fighter, despite the power of the dragon punch and flashiness of the mighty hurricane kick.


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