10 Horrendously Difficult Video Games That Most Of Us Will Never Beat

When it comes to gaming, we all appreciate a challenge. After all there's nothing worse than a game that leads you by the hand and makes it impossible for you to actually fail. For without consequences, what is actually at stake? But there's a ceiling to that logic. There's a limit on how difficult a video game can actually get before 'challenge' becomes 'nigh on impossible'; it's a limit that's exceeded by game developers more often than you might think. Yes, every so often, a game comes around that's so horrendously difficult that only the most dedicated players will ever conjure up the will to get to the final screen. This list takes a blood-boiling, controller biting look back at ten of those very titles; the ones that the average gamer will just never find it in him or herself to suffer through. So, deep breaths, let's get to it...

10. The Impossible Game

http://youtu.be/_E96i-u_5E0 The top 3 list of things I'd want to do least in life is as follows: 3) have both of my testicles shattered with a sledgehammer, 2) find my entire family massacred by angry ninjas and 1) play The Impossible game for any length of time. Is it actually impossible? Maybe. Will it leave you holding chunks of your own hair and scalp between your fingers? Most definitely. Completing The Impossible Game is the kind of thing you must dedicate your entire life to, sort of like martial arts except without any of the benefits. Why try? Because if you manage it, you've literally done the impossible and for that, you'll have bragging rights for life.
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